Heavy Metal Concentration in Groundwater around Obajana and Its Environs, Kogi State, North Central Nigeria
Musa .O.K., Shaibu .M .M., Kudamnya .E. A.

There has been a consistent demand for groundwater through the construction of borehole and hand dug wells to meet the growing population of Obajana where Dangote cement factory is situated. However, there has been an increased concern as to the safety of groundwater for human consumption, following reported cases of the occurrence of heavy metals in groundwater within the area which by nature are injurious to human health. This paper in response to this, examined the occurrence of heavy metals in few streams and groundwater sources especially after the commencement of operations by Dangote cement factory within Obajana and its environs. The study was carried out in twenty-four locations in Obajana area of Kogi State. Three samples were obtained from surrounding streams, six samples from bore-holes and fifteen hand-dug wells. Thus, a total of twenty-four samples were obtained and analysed in all. Heavy metals such as copper, copper, zinc, cadmium, lead, and iron were analyzed using Atomic Absorption Spectrometer. Result showed that there were no heavy occurrences of copper, zinc, cadmium, lead and iron in the entire sample taken from water sources within the study area. Atleast, their concentration values fall well below the limits specified by World Health Organization (WHO). The implications of the result on the management and use of groundwater in the study area were identified and discussed. It was recommended that a periodic and systematic study of the heavy metals concentrations in groundwater sources in the area should be carried out regularly.

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