Post-Workout Recovery and Psychophysical Characteristics of Sportsmen
Igor Petruk

Purpose: To proof scientifically the necessity of using massage and functional music for shooters as the means of restoration program during the preparation time. Methods: Analysis of scientific literature, questionnaires (SAM-Q), assessment of practical trial after a special work and statistical analysis. Sample: A total of 30 subjects were recruited for the trial. All study participants were within the age range from 18 to 25 old. They were professional athletes of shooting who had more than 10 years of experience in sports. Results: The combination of sports massage and well-designed music when compared to massage only or a control condition enhances the recovery of sportsmen according to SAM-Q (A - +23%, B - +18%, C - +10%). Also, according to a special practical trial ( with a recovery rate of shooters: A – 2 min., B – 2,6 min., C – 3 min.). Conclusions: The combination of sports massage and functional music does make the process of sportsman recovery more effective. During the research we observed that the shooters had better results of massage and music. Obviously, the reason for this was individual psychological peculiarities and other personal features such as: emotional stability, introversion and adaptation to relaxation music of shooters. Implications: Understanding the processes of the recovery of athletes can help to increase their sports endurance and improve their performance in sports.

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