Effects of the Application of a High-Fat-Carbohydrate Diet without Additional Cholesterol for the Inducement of Metabolic Syndrome in Rats
Penka Angelova, Nikolay Boyadjiev, Katerina Georgieva, Dora Terzieva, Pepa Atanassova, Petar Hrischev

The increase prevalence of obesity, metabolic syndrome, and associated diseases, is mainly related to the improper diet and reduced physical activity. The combined high-fat-carbohydrate diets (HFCD) are used for investigations on obesity and metabolic syndrome. This study was aimed at investigating the food intake, body mass index, some laboratory, and functional changes in the case of 16-week application of a combined high-fatcarbohydrate diet in rats. The application of HFCD led to a change of some functional indicators prior to the manifestation of metabolic syndrome. At 16th week the body mass of the dietary manipulated rats was not increased, but BMI and abdominal circumference grew. The basic laboratory indices relate to an increased risk of diabetes mellitus type 2, and development of cardiovascular diseases.

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