An Assessment of the Effect of Prepaid Service Transition in Electricity Bill Payment on KP Customers, a Survey of Kenya Power, West Kenya Kisumu
Carolyne Nyanchama Miyogo; Nyanamba, Steve Ondieki; Nyangweso, Gaster Nashappi

The purposes of the study were to determine employees and clients’ response to the ongoing service transition from post-paid to pre-paid electricity bill payment, to assess key human resource requirements needed for successful transition from post-paid to pre-paid electricity bill payment and to investigate the KP’s organizational strategies adopted towards the change. Stratified random sampling technique was used. Questionnaires were used as data collection instrument. The findings show that customers have embraced the pre paid billing system and that prepaid billing system has brought with it some advantages like making them more careful with their consumption. The most influential human resource aspects necessary in promoting a successful transition from post paid to prepaid electricity bill payment was having appropriate equipment for installing the prepaid meters. The study concluded that customers have embraced the prepaid billing system.

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