The Nature, Causes and Consequences of Cyber Crime in Tertiary Institutions in Zaria-Kaduna State, Nigeria
Folashade B. Okeshola, Abimbola K. Adeta

In Nigeria today, numerous internet assisted crimes are committed daily in various forms such as identity theft, desktop counterfeiting, internet chat room, cyber harassment, fraudulent electronic mails ,Automated Teller Machine spoofing, pornography, piracy, hacking, phishing and spamming. Usually these crimes are committed in forms like sending of fraudulent and bogus financial proposals from cyber criminals to innocent internet users. The increasing rates of cyber crime in the society have become a strong threat to Nigeria’s e-commerce growth and has led to ill- reputation intentionally and consequently denied some innocent Nigerians certain opportunities abroad. Therefore, innocent internet users should inculcate the habit of continuously updating their knowledge about the ever changing nature of ICTs, through this, they can not only be well informed about the current trends in cyber crimes, but they will also have the knowledge about different forms of the said crimes and how the cyber criminals carry out their heinous activities. Thus, they can devise means of protecting their information from cyber criminals. Internet users should be security conscious. On the whole, this paper examines the nature, causes, types and consequences of cyber crime in tertiary institutions in Zaria, Kaduna State.

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