Intercultural Dialogue and Digital Journalism
Dr Niki Menelaou

Living in ‘modern and advanced societies’ where an endless cycle of consumerism takes place, makes an individual forget and ignore the less privileged. As a result, the adoption of an intercultural attitude is imperative since only by such an attitude one can be led to the understanding of difficulties encountered and experienced by individuals following much different paths of life or living in third world countries. Promoting intercultural dialogue contributes to the core objective of the Council of Europe, namely preserving and promoting human rights, democracy and the rule of law. This paper examines how the use of the digital media and especially the use of interactive blogs contribute to intercultural dialogue. Special focus is laid on the sense of community created by the use of interactive blogs and the elements it is composed of .The way in which individuals of different cultural backgrounds interact via the internet and the benefits of such an interaction are also examined with emphasis on issues like the devotion of time to digital dialogues which can be characterized as either ‘monochronic’ or ‘polychronic’.

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