New Technologies in Business Education for Instruction and Practice: Imperatives for Quality Assurance
Utoware, Jude Daniel Amakaino; Kren-Ikidi, P. Chamberlain

Quality assurance in business education for instruction and practice with the emergence of new technologies is a multi-faceted problem involving all the aspects of business education programme. The paper highlighted the concept of quality assurance, business education and quality assurance, new technologies in business education, technological changes and some challenges on instruction and practice of business education. Two ways through which the new technologies have changed instruction and practice in business education that provide quality assurance in business education were outlined and discussed. The conclusion drawn was that, in order to achieve quality assurance with these new technologies, business educators need to re-strategize in their methods of instruction and practice. Based on these, the paper proffered some recommendations that will help to improve quality in instruction and practice in business education with the emergence of new technologies.

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