A Completion to the Traditions Matrix-Standard - R. T. Craig, Induced By the Transformation of Communication-As-A-Field Membrane in Communication-As-A-Universe Membrane
Ştefan Vlăduţescu

The study is part of the Communication Ontology. We aim to find a solution for the contradiction which appeared between the actual communication complexity (Communication-as-a-Universe Membrane) and the functional theorization accredited by the Communication-as-a-Field Membrane (Robert T. Craig). First, a critical analysis of the classification criteria is performed, to which Robert T. Craig refers in his study called “Communication theory as a field” (1999). We reveal that so called Matrix-Standard - R. T. Craig (of the „seven major traditions” of the „communication theory field”) can be updated. We can also notice that the taxonomy of “traditions”, as a rule accepted in the USA and in UK, was questioned there, as well. David Myers’ (2001) and Chris Russill’s (2005) articles are remarkable, to which R. T. Craig replied in different ways (2001, 2007). F. Cooren instantiates “A response to Craig’s call: Communication as ventriloquism” (2012). With a few exceptions at high level (such as Wolfgang Donsbach) the standard R. T. Craig hasn’t found a full resonance in Europe. As a completion to the Traditions Matrix-Standard – R. T. Craig, we suggest the Communication Axes Matrix-Standard, based on the axialization” thesis of the study of communication. So, the study of communication is divided according to the adherence to the ideas expressed by the 15 axes. The Matrix-Standard - R. T. Craig, by calling himself “of traditions”, could have stressed communication study dispersal, due to communication natural evolution. The Axes’ Matrix-Standard confutes him by regarding the discipline of communication as a unity of fields organized on different axes between which there is a mutual competitive stimulation. If “traditions” remain steady, in terms of number and configuration, as the past is gone, the axes are alive both as internal development and as numerical amplification. The axialization is necessary because communication is not only a field. Communication is a patchy and a heterogeneous universe: a multi-space and a multi-structure cosmos. The two taxonomic matrixstandards are situated in two ideational contradiction membranes. The Communication-as-a-Field Membrane is breaking by the Communication-as-a-Universe Membrane.

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