Multiple Identities and Trans-culturalism: Joaquim Cruz, a Brazilian Olympic Hero
Profa. Dra. Katia Rubio

Although Brazil is considered the country of soccer, athletics might be the modality which better represents sports in the country. Athletics was the modality holding the larger amount of Olympic medals, up to the Beijing Olympic Games. At that time, all the Brazilian medal winners were African descent, migrants and poor. Joaquim Cruz is part of this group and stands out not just because he is a medalist, but because he is an athlete and postathlete, concerned with social matters. The current article discusses the transformations in Joaquin’s identity: a migrant - as well as a member of a poor community in Brasilia - who moved to the U.S.A, in order to study and practice. He got married, had kids and became a renowned and respected coach in the USA. However he did not abandon his poor community behind. He states a heroic status that just a few athletes are able to keep, after finishing their sport’s career.

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