Impact of Climate on Tuber Crops Yield in Kwara State, Nigeria
Akpenpuun, Timothy Denen; Busari, Rasheed Amao

Climatic data on rainfall, evaporation, relative humidity, maximum and minimum atmospheric temperature, soil temperature and sunshine hours were obtained from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) for a decade (2002 – 2011) while crop yield data were sourced from Kwara State Agricultural and Development Project (KWADP). These data were analyzed in order to evaluate the impact of climate on the cultivation of cassava, yam, and sweet potato in Kwara State, Nigeria. Multiple regression, trend analysis and correlation analytical techniques were employed to analyze the data. The result obtained shows that the impact of climate on tuber cultivation is significant for yam and cassava yield at 95% probability levels. This implies that climate has a strong linear correlation with two of the chosen crops within the years under review. As a result, it is recommended that investment should be made in to supplement rain-fed agriculture under these practices of extensive agricultural extension services, adoption of modern agricultural techniques and provision of agro-chemicals to farmers. Agricultural yield in the study area will be greatly improved if the above recommendations and other government policies are put in place.

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