Different Periods of Internal Migration in Turkey from the Perspective of Development
Ceren Coban

Patterns of and motives behind both internal and international migratory movements naturally alter in line with the development processes, urbanization and modernization. As the degree of disparity in terms of socioeconomic and industrial development increases between the urban and the rural areas, individuals become more likely to migrate. Historical evolution of the internal migratory movements in Turkey suitably illustrates this fact. Application of the theory of push and pull factors brings a perceptive and knowledgeable explanation to different periods of the internal migration movements in Turkey. This paper evaluates three distinct periods of internal migration in Turkey from the perspective of development, while outlining the theoretical framework of the stimulating role of the push and pull factors on migration. The researcher argues that theoretical explanations of push and pulls factors on migration provide a comprehensive explanation for demonstrating the effects of the development process on initiating and regulating internal migration movements in Turkey, which has a characteristic pattern in itself. In conclusion, the paper refers to new trends of migratory movements as suggestions for further research on the area.

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