Childhood Care Campaign: The CCC Initiative New Concepts of Child Urban Health Policies and Strategies
Omar Musa Amireh

(Child health is tomorrow’s fortune) is a wide but a key essential principle raised in 1984 by the World Health Organization (WHO). That principle supposed not to be limited to medical care only. Childhood care as conceptualized vitally includes many aspects such as: nutrition support, adequate residence, safe and healthy environment. In Jordan, the health sector generally performs well in terms of medical access and health outcomes, which are among the best in the region and among other middle-income countries. Several international institution and agencies are involved in many health studies and projects. Some of these paid special attention to child health in terms of primary health care, maternal and child health, reproductive health, family planning, newborns and premature birth. In spite of the enormous national and international efforts devoted to child care this issue, however, still lacking defined urban and environmental policies dealing with “childhood” as an urban care concept and in terms of child facilities and activities, or as a comprehensive issue, which required to establish its presence in any national health strategies, policies and plan.

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