Ethnic Migrants: Perspectives on Support Programs, Employability and Resettlement Challenges in Ottawa, Canada
Kon K. Madut

This article discusses service gap in employment support and resettlement programs in the City of Ottawa from the ethnic minority migrants’ perspectives. In this qualitative study, migrants discussed challenges of obtaining jobs, workplace culture, resettlement and social well-being. They shared their personal experiences with unemployment, employment services and consequences of complicated resettlement processes since they arrived at their city of resettlement. Participants’ stories were gathered through intensive interviews lasting between one and two hours with 6 ethnic minority migrants and one focus group interview with 4 ethnic minority migrants, for a total of 10 participants. Using grounded theory method, interviews were transcribed, coded, categorized and analyzed. The outcome highlighted the lack of effective social programs and resettlement services tailored towards migrants needs as the cause of their inability to effectively integrate into mainstream society socially and economically.

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