Using an Activity Worksheet to Remediate Students’ Alternative Conceptions of Metallic Bonding
Victoria Diana Chong, Sallimah M. Salleh, Irene Poh AiCheongc

This study describes the development of an activity worksheet for remediating Year 9 students’ (aged 13 to 14 years old) misconceptions of metallic bonding. The worksheet was designed using the Instruction Design Model (Reiser&Dick,1996) and implemented after the administration of the two-tiered Diagnostic Test of Metallic Bonding. Students’ conceptions of metallic bonding before and after the activities using the worksheet are reported. Statistical analysis was performed on the data to identify students’ conceptions (correct, alternative or incorrect) of metallic bonding, and assess the effectiveness of the activity worksheet, the Worksheet on Metallic Bonding (WMB), in remediating students’ misconceptions of metallic bonding. The paired sample t-test showed that there was a significance change in students’ conceptions of the nature of metallic bonding, and the electrical conductivity of metals after using the activity worksheet.

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