The Credibility of Citizen Journalism and Traditional TV Journalism among Emirati Youth: Comparative Study
Hebatalla El Semary, May Al Khaja

This exploratory study investigates the issue of credibility of traditional TV journalism and citizen journalism. A survey of 298 of Emirati social media users and 93 citizen journalists was conducted in December 2012. Respondents evaluated the credibility of traditional TV journalism and Citizen Journalism using a credibility scale which is comprised of 12 items . The results of the study confirmed the high credibility of CJ reporters compared to credibility of traditional TV reporters. Meanwhile, the credibility of traditional media increases at the expense of the credibility of the new media. Young Emiratis along with media practitioners and citizen journalists agreed that the credibility of traditional journalism stems from experience of highly skilled correspondents and editors as well as the depth of news coverage offered through analyses on the events. However, the credibility of CJ stems from the lack of control in the news, and speed in reporting news as well as objectivity and comprehensiveness.

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