Experimental Research Perceptions of Visual Product Appearances
Azhari Md Hashim

The designer plays a main role in exploring an effective data collection technique in market research perceptions of visual product appearances. The understanding of how objects are perceived by users in the design process is important for company in producing an enjoyable and successful object. The way to achieve this is through the implementation of an efficient market research method conducted as part of new product development. Mostly market research conducted may result in abstract outcomes, whether verbally or numerically based, rather than visual outcomes. Thus, the need for an effective method of researching and describing the social and emotional impact of designed objects on consumer’s life will increase the sales of the company. As marketing competition increases, competing companies explore their design development and the effectiveness of marketing research methods impact on consumer choices. Regarding this aspect, the role of designers is crucial, and important in determining an alternative method to discover the way users perceive and evaluate their products. This paper explores an analysis of existing methods in related disciplines and provides guidelines in formulating and extending the technique. Finally, suggestions are made as a way forward in developing an efficient market research data collection technique in research perceptions of visual product appearances.

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