The Context of Blessing in the Inner and Outer Circle Writings
Jennifer Tan-de Ramos

The study examined the differences in the writing patterns of the Inner and the Outer Circle writings that were suggested by Kaplan’s (1966) Contrastive Rhetoric. Using Thatcher’s (2004) shared context framework, as well as an adaptation of John’s (1997) Writer and Reader Sharing Knowledge of a Text Model, two inspirational non-fiction literatures were investigated for their use of the term blessing. Investigation proceeded using a three-step device of identifying the major and the minor points of both texts, citing the supporting details used in the Introduction, Elaboration and the Conclusion sections and, discussing how the Inner and the Outer Circle cultures impinge on their selection of supporting details in these three sections. Data showed the American writer examined exhibited three writing patterns different from their Indian-English counterpart. The study has considerable implications in the way educators teach and respond to the writing of their non-native learners.

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