Corruption in Slovakia
Jana Tvarožková

In the market economy there is a sound competitive environment considered as a drive of prosperity. Such system is functioning based on a „rule of the law“, which must be precisely a clearly established and at the same time actively implemented not only in favor of those, being connected with a ruling elite but equally for all. The application of equality of chances is so one of basic prerequisite for establishment of a sound competitive environment. A next important precondition is a transparency. Even in a market economy the invisible arm of market can be supplemented by an arm of a rule. However this one must be visible, transparent with an unambiguous definition of tasks, duties as well as responsibility. In a whole process the state has a function of a creator of conditions, rules of economic competition – „rules of a game“. It has to impose measure aiming to ensure the „equality on a playground“and the same time to act as a watch of their compliance. The aim is that a performance of this function is the most possible legible for all participating persons. Transparency of relations in economy is needed on all levels (public administration, citizens, businessmen), but if a public administration enters into economic relations on the offering or a demanding part, it becomes inevitable.

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