Designer’s Safety Curricula for Undergraduate Students
Wan Faida Binti Wan Mohd Azmi, Mohd Saidin Bin Misnan

DfCS is an approach in minimizing and reducing project risk that can be described as designing for constructability. The designers have the responsibility towards the workforce by considering safety in their design where it is practicable. Sadly, they are not well-trained and educated enough to apply this method in practice. Their formal education is to be blamed. The accreditation boards for Architecture and Civil Engineering Programmes does not require skills on safety of the workforce therefore it affects the education curricula. Five local universities were analysed based on the subjects offered however none of them offer safety and health as a primary subject. This concept is new and yet to be adapted to the Malaysia’s construction industry therefore an improved education for designers is highly needed and recommended. While commitment takes times, it is important to expand the knowledge and awareness to the accreditation boards, universities, colleges, societies and industries.

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