Stand Structure Characteristics of Natural Mixed Stands of Brutian Pine – Anatolian Black Pine and Regeneration Suggestions in Isparta, Turkey

Stand structure characteristic was determined one by one in 18 sample plots which PbPnd1, PnPbd1, PbPnd2, PnPbd2, PbPncd3, PnPbcd3 stand types of research areas. Each stand has 50x20 m dimensions. Vertical projection of tree crowns, height, diameter of whole trees and age with soil level was determined at the height of 80 cm in each sample plots. Light measurements were made both in sample plots and out of the sample plots; number of trees in actual stands structures, average age, diameters, total basal area, the social classes of existing individual according to their stem classes, storied, crown closure, according to composition ratio for tree species and basal area were found after a stand profile and their crown projection were drawn for each sample plot. In addıtıon, these values were calculated on the basis of hectares. All sample plots are mono storied except third area and average actual crown closure for crown projection 0,22-0,90 and light intensity into the stand 0,22- 0,76, average composition ratio with regard to number of trees 2,4 - 88,9 % and basal area 1,4 – 89,3 % is changed (for 18 sample plot). Period of reaching the biological independence for Brutian pine is 5-17 year, for Anatolian black pine is 7-18 year. Whether Anatolian black pine is in minority and grows slower than Brutian pine, period of age-height precedence for this specie is 7 years in minimum and obligatory period of age-height precedence is 2 years in natural regeneration studies. The aim of this study is to get a stand profile of natural stands in the regeneration stage that represents actual stand structure and to make the silvicultural evaluation about natural and/or artifical regeneration of these areas. Natural silviculture must be applied both natural and artifical regeneration studies and reforestation techniques that suitable for nature must be used in articial regeneration areas. This is also important for the Brutian pine + Anatolian black pine mixed stands which its majority is natural forest.

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