Building State Capacity in a Post-Conflict Situation: The Case of Somaliland
Nasir M. Ali

This study examines the nature of Somaliland’s state building process that focuses on building state capacity to overcome the fragile state of affairs in post-civil conflict Somaliland. The study has identified three key factors that could serve as a milestone for building the capacity of the state and have an important role to play in bringing state stability. These are a) ability to collect taxes and deliver public services, b) the capability and quality of political and bureaucratic state institutions, and, c) the security institutions such as police force – that helps Somaliland to be less fragile than the other parts of Somalia. The finding of the study revealed that using the above three important elements, Somaliland has managed to lay foundations for functioning security institutions, and government establishments as well as the provision of social services by increasing state revenue.

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