Caring for the People: Role of Social Workers and Sociologists in Assisting Society Members to Cope with the Phenomenon of Social Change in Nigeria
Abanyam, Noah Lumun; Sambe Ngutor, Aver, Tyavwase Theophilus

One thing that is permanent in every society is social change. Social change is necessary for more organized and better society. Account of historical periodization of society revealed that society in one stage or another evolved and progressed from one stage to the other. However, this change has short-term negative effect since a gap is created between the old norms and the new norms which made it difficult for society members to cope (adjust) easily. This study was designed to expose the role of social workers and sociologists in assisting society members to cope with the phenomenon of social change in Nigeria. The data for this study was purposely collected through the secondary sources. Both evolutionary theory and strength Approach were employed in analyzing this study. The study revealed that social change is inevitable in every society. Society evolves progressed from simple to more complex stage. Social change could cause short-term social problems between the time of occurrence and adaptation to new norms and values of society. It was recommended that social workers and sociologists should periodically educate and enlighten society members on the inevitable nature of social change with its short-term attendant effects. Government and private owned media should initiate programmes and feature social workers and sociologists. More so, government and donor agencies should create institute of social work and sociology or at least finance the departments of social work and sociology to undertake research in order to uncover shortterm negative effect of social change and assist society members to cope with such problems.

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