Entrepreneurship Education: A Panacea for Unemployment, Poverty Reduction and National Insecurity in Developing and Underdeveloped Countries
Anho Josif Efe

Education is very important in the training and development of human resources in any country through the impartation of appropriate skills, capacities, values, knowledge and attitudes which can be used in the transformation of individuals, communities, nations and the world at large. Entrepreneurship education can be used for wealth creation, poverty reduction, ensuring social-economic empowerment, sustained self and national development. The planning, management and administration of education should refocus on deliberate process of using formal and informal education to make it relevant, life-long and functional by embracing entrepreneurship education to address the challenges of unemployment and under-employment with its multivariant and national consequences of poverty, insecurity, social unrest, school dropout, indiscipline in the society and schools, destruction and vandalization of public and private properties. Economic wastage and acute reduction in nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), arm robbery, arson, murder, cultism, hostage taking, human and drug trafficking, kidnapping among others. Educational policy making and implementation should be concern how to work out deliberate developmental strategies for individuals and nation’s commitment to the realization of the specific objectives of actualizing basic, functional and entrepreneurship education to address unemployment, poverty, reduction and national insecurity in developing and under-developed countries of the world.

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