The Impact of Mobility in Brazilian Info Centers: AcessaSP Case Study
Brasilina Passarelli, Adriana de Araújo Guzzi, Alan César Belo Angeluci, Antonio Hélio Junqueira

AcessaSP program is one of the biggest digital inclusion programs in Latin America, providing Internet access for poor population through info centers located in the State of São Paulo, Brazil, and taking advantage of digital learning development perspective. Since 2003, a periodical survey called “PONLINE” is carried out in order to feed a database related to the users habits and attitudes. An important phenomenon has been observed in AcessaSP environment in the last few years: the emergence of mobility. There is a lack of systematic information regarding how the mobility can affect the program users’ appropriation and interaction with Internet. For this study approach, mobility issue is considered from two factors: the growth of wireless connections and the broad access to mobile platforms. In this sense, this paper discusses the landscape that seeks to sustain a framework for a qualitative research in progress, focusing in the new role of info centers in AcessaSP communities’ life.

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