The Relationship of Acculturation Stress and Leisure Satisfaction of Hispanic College Students
Selverio V. Pacleb, John R. Collins

Hispanics are the fastest growing minority group in the U.S. and signs indicate a similar trend in their college enrollment. Leisure activities are known to have a moderating effect on individuals experiencing stress in their lives. Students who were members of registered Hispanic organizations at a major 4-year metropolitan university were targeted for this study. The hypothesis for this study was there is no relationship between acculturation stress and leisure satisfaction. Results indicated there was no significant relationship between acculturation stress and leisure satisfaction. Examination of the relationships between acculturation stress and leisure satisfaction using the subscales from each instrument indicated a weak relationship between these two measures. One explanation for this lack of a significant relationship between these two measures might be that these college students had already obtained a high level of acculturation, which would explain the relatively low level of acculturation stress reported.

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