Wearbility Analysis of Knited Fabrics Produced with Colored Organic Cotton, Bamboo Rayon, Corn, Recycled Pet/Cotton and Recycled Pet/Polyester
Regina Aparecida Sanches, Karina Takamune, Bárbara Guimarães, Raquel Alonso, Júlia Baruque-Ramos, Maria Silvia Barros De Held, João Paulo Pereira Marcicano

This work presents a comparative study of the characteristics of knit fabrics, produced from: colored organic cotton, bamboo rayon, corn, recycled PET/cotton and recycled PET/polyester, used in the garments manufacturing. It was produced knit fabric samples with statical weight equal. On the samples were carried out weight trials (ASTM D 3776 – 96), pilling (ASTM D 4970 – 05), rupture pressure (ASTM D 3786 –01), elasticity and elongation (JIS L 1018 – 02), moisture absorption (JIS 1907 – 02) and dimensional alteration (NBR 10320 – 88).The experimental results show that, for all the analyzed characteristics, the raw materials selected to the achievement of this work are adequate to the clothing manufacturing.

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