In-Time monitoring of the Fatigue Safety in Operation of the Pipelines Parts
Ing. Vladimír Chmelko, Assoc. Prof. Ing. Miloslav Kepka

The continual monitoring of the fatigue damage cumulation in operation of structures with a high requirement on safety is required when they are cyclically loaded. There are some sections or junctions along the pipelines in which the operating conditions could sometimes vary from the expected designed conditions. It is really impossible to predict such unexpected changes in operation therefore they are usually not considered in the stage of the structure’s design. So the continual monitoring of those unexpected loadings in a real operation is the only way how to include them in a calculation of the total stress to be able to properly consider the safety of the pipeline system. In this paper are presented the theoretical fundamentals of a real time fatigue damage monitoring for a pipeline system. The calculation of the total stress is based on measuring the real loadings in the form of time-varying strains in critical places of a pipeline system in its real operation. The presented monitoring system gives the information about real state of the structure and also the information about continuous fatigue damage cumulation in time directly for an operator of service.

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