Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction in Cairo - Amman bank- in Jordan
Waiel Alkayed

The aim of this research in Jordan is to measure the factors of service quality in Cairo-Amman Bank through its customers. To this end, the study utilises a quantitative instrument. A random sample of banks' customers (n=190) was recruited from the selected Cairo-Amman banks for research participation. The results of this study indicated that service quality is an important antecedent of customer satisfaction. It is apparent that the managers and decision makers in Cairo-Amman banks seek to improve the elements of service quality that make the most significant contributions to customer satisfaction. This is consistent with results of past studies reporting a significant positive association between the two variables of service quality and customer satisfaction. This study also offers important implications for practice: utility of good quality in the maintenance of sustainable business practices and customer satisfaction, thus acknowledging customers as an important stakeholder group.

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