The Borders as Myths
Arta To├ži

This paper aims to reflect on the myth about the nation which lives behind the borders. Not all the borders have the same meaning. As an Albanian who lives in a neighboring country, Albania was a country that could never be seen, not even on TV. We spoke the same language, we had the same history but I never met an Albanian from behind the borders until Albania opened for the first time in 1991. 50 years time distance had created boundaries between us in terms of culture, mentality, communication, language, believes. As a member of a minority population in the country I was born and have lived in, I am used with boundaries that had been created between 'us' and 'them'. However, in the beginning of the '90s, after the fall of communist system in Albania, we were witnessing the rise of new boundaries among Albanians in the Balkans.

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