Implementation and the Challenges of the Mass Housing Scheme in Abuja, Nigeria
J.E. Ukoje, K.U. Kanu

In recent years, Public-Private Partnership approaches are embraced and employed in housing schemes across the country. The Mass Housing Scheme in Abuja was organized to enable the Organized Private Sector produce housing for sale at affordable prices to low and medium-income groups in the city. This study sought to assess the implementation of the mass housing scheme in Abuja to determine the affordability of the housing units to the people. However, from the findings of the study, it was established that the program was carried out without adequate planning and implementation and the partners seem not to have the capability. This impinged on the overall performance of the scheme as the high cost of units disenfranchised the target beneficiaries. The study therefore made case for capacity buildings for the partners, positive quality enabling environment, stricter control and government’s support for the sake of the low-income earners.

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