Music Therapy Efficacy on Increasing Word Length in Spanish Dominant Children with a Phonological Process Disorder
Ruth Crutchfield

Spanish dominant children with phonological process disorders were investigated in specific regard to the efficacy of the use of music for increasing speech clarity in conjunction with structured phonological pattern suppression treatment. A quantitative research design was used through the use of descriptive observational variables. This was an experimental research via a pretest-posttest control group design. At completion of the study, there were 13 participants in the experimental group and 6 participants in the control group all of whom were Spanish dominant. The findings of this research revealed data that provided a concrete means depicting the positive effects of music as a treatment modality for speech remediation. Findings were significant at the .01 level. It was found that 85% of the intervention group mastered suppression of the target process at completion of the study when compared to 50% of the nonintervention group.

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