A Survey of the Influence of Family Nature, Peer Association and Gender on Academic Performance: A Case of Kisii Municipality
Henry N Anunda, Odiwuor Florence Oyeho A.

The study was carried out in Kisii municipality of south western Kenya. The objectives of the study were to examine the relationships between pupil’s family nature and academic performance; the relationship between peer group association and academic performance and the relationship between gender and students academic performance. The survey involved students in selected secondary schools, teachers and parents within the municipality. The research was conducted by administering three types of questionnaires - students (A), teachers (B) and parents (C). Information was also got by personal observation and oral- non - scheduled interview involving 140 students, 40 parents and 40 teachers. The findings were analyzed using frequency tables. The result show that a child’s academic performance is determined to a large extent by the family size which is instrumental in assisting him/ her in learning. There is a significant relationship between peer group association and academic performance of a child. The results also indicate that there is a significant relationship between gender and one’s academic performance.

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