LMS Vs. SNS: Can Social Networking Sites Act as a Learning Management Systems?
Assist. Prof. Dr. Olga Pilli

The popularity of using social networking sites as an educational tool is increasing every day. Many educators are now trying to integrate these online teaching platforms that were provided by commercial services such as Google, LinkedIn and Facebook into learning environment. On the other side, Learning Management Systems also have great potential that makes learning environment readily available at any time and at any place. The main purpose of this paper is to consider whether social networking sites guaranteed as a formal e-learning platform as an alternative to the institutions' current Learning Management Systems. This report documents the educational value of using social networking sites as a Learning Management System. First part of the paper discusses Learning Management Systems a function of learning tool. Subsequently, this paper provides in-depth discussion of the power of Social Networking System as an educational tool. In the end, this paper concludes with the comparison of SNS and LMS.

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