Enhancing Creativity in Entrepreneurship through Home Economics Education in Nigeria
Achor Nnennia Chibuzor

The concern of this paper is fostering creative entrepreneurship through the instrumentation of entrepreneurship education. This paper is of the view that entrepreneurship education should be the type that helps individuals develop the ability or disposition to be innovative and original entrepreneurs. The concepts of creativity, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship education and home economics education are explored. Furthermore, the role of home economics education in fostering creative entrepreneurship is highlighted. Strategies as well as recommendations were made on curriculum, teachers’ and student activities that would enhance creative entrepreneurship education. The submission of this paper is that entrepreneurship education is relevant to the extent it is creative. Home economics education, as a vocational course in Nigeria, is capable of empowering individuals to be great entrepreneurs. However, home economics education should be repositioned to train students to develop creative entrepreneurial tendencies.

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