Effect of Combined Application of Dressing Films Based on Mucous Secretion of Achatinafulica and Low Level Laser Therapy on Wound
Wagno Alcântara Santana, Maria Amália Gonzaga Ribeiro, Juliana Cordeiro Cardoso, Cláudia Moura de Melo, Ricardo Luiz Cavalcanti de Albuquerque-Júnior

The secretion of Achatinafulica which has recently been related to antibacterial and antifungal healing is influenced by the type of food offered. Therefore, this study investigates the potential for developing healing dressing films based on secretion of mucus of Achatinafulica. Thus, surgical wounds in Wistar rats were dressed with back films based on mucus secretion of A. fulica fed with Lactuca sativa while strips served as control wounds. Besides the treatment with films, rats were associated with daily transcutaneous irradiation using a semiconductor diode, calibrated, GaAlAs laser with continuous emission at 660 nm wavelength of 100s (25s point each). The output power used was 40 mW, with a focal point of 0.04 cm2, and power density of 1 W/cm2. The total energy per session was estimated at 4 J and energy density 20 J/cm2 was divided into four different equidistant points (5 J/cm2 each) over 7 days. The first irradiation was performed immediately after the surgical procedures. After 3, 7, 14 and 21 days the animals were sacrificed and the wounds were evaluated microscopically. On days 3 and 7mucus was put from films based on the accelerating maturation of granulation tissue formation, epithelialization and on the best rates of faster replacement from type III to type I collagen fibers. On days 14 and 21, these dressings induced deposition with more intense rate and better architectural arrangement of collagen fibers type I, and hastened the regeneration of skin phaneros. The most significant and effective results on the dressings were obtained when A. fulica fed with Lactuca sativa was used. This study suggests that the films produced with the secretion of mucus of A. fulica can successfully be used as a dressing, especially if the snails are fed with Lactuca sativa. Observation of the treatment with laser irradiation combined with dressing films based on mucus secretion of A. fulica, gave us an insight on how we can accelerate the remodeling phase of scar healing, providing a better architectural arrangement of collagen fibers.

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