Storytelling as a Method of Gathering Perceptions and Experiences in Human-Centered Design - The Relation between Children and Their Eyeglasses
Iana Garófalo Chaves, Agnacilda Silva Rocha, Cibele Haddad Taralli

Eyeglasses are specialized products, in which designers contribute to human needs, especially considering the product as an orthosis. Among eyeglasses wearers, the children require special attention. The study presented in this article is part of a research that aims to define guidelines for the design of children's eyeglasses. For this research has been adopted a Human-Centered Design methodology and to consider the relevant aspects of the product to your potential and central users was applied the Storytelling method. This article presents the data collected by this method applied with thirty children. The stories were analyzed, and the categories in which was possible to evaluate emotional, formal, medical, reflexive and functional subjects mentioned by the children were defined. The results and discussion will provide specific and more subjective content that will be combined with other methods to be part of the final design guidelines for children's eyeglasses.

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