Sustainable Work for Sustainable Development: Panorama and Perspectives in Cape Verde
Olena V. Kovtun

The relationship between the two crucial challenges of the XXI century, work and long-term sustainability becomes ever closer. In theoretical approach towards growth of human potentialities of citizens, the constructors of his own citizenship, by democratic participation, we pay attention to the importance of understanding and investigating the reciprocal bindings between environmental, social and economic dimensions of endogenous rural development. We pretend to analyze how by means of strategies in the current leads Wharton's enterprising economic, social and environmental system the small rural producer of Santiago ' island find alternatives to improve their economic and social condition and generate significant ways is his own existence in long term. By means of qualitative techniques and methodology, we intend to capture the step of human interaction inside the limits of our participative-observation methodology and finally achieve to get insight about the local productive space. Having in view the economical suppositions analyzed in work contexts of local/global symbolic spaces we try to construct the perspective of the function and the ways to exercise an active citizenship and social empowerment towards sustainable rural development.

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