Phenological Response of Airborne Alnus Mill Pollen to Climatic Conditions in Turkey and Global Climatic Changes
Hatice Kutluk

A total of 9914 airborne Alnus glutinosa pollen which belong to a two-year period in the Istanbul area indicated a strong positive relationship with air temperature, rainfall and wind velocity; and an inverse relationship to relative humidity. Analysis of the climatic variables of the study area and the nearby meteorological stations of the last fourty years has shown that a 0,3-0,6°C increase in average annual temperature and 12-19 % increase in annual precipitation have occurred consistent with global climatic change. The results have shown that the onset of pollen dissemination of Alder is within the tolerable limits at the present however, future projections reveal that earlier timing of flowering may happen within 3 to 10 years of period with ongoing changes in climate.

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