Assessment of Sediment Generation from Tagwai Drainage Basin
A. A. Vulegbo, K. Schoeneich, S. A. Alagbe

Systematic plans and policies are needed to reduce adverse impacts of sedimentation and prolong the useful life of reservoirs. The ability to estimate the rate of drainage basin surface erosion, deposition, and distribution in a reservoir is essential to the development of sound sediment management plans and policies. An attempt is made to study sediment generation rates in Tagwai drainage basin, Niger state, Nigeria. Periodic mapping of reservoirs to determine the depth to water surface with respect to a known reference level (spillway) provides insight to the changes in topography of the reservoir. The method used classifies Sediment generation as a function of nine drainage basin characteristics. The Estimated numerical ratings for Tagwai reservoir drainage basin is 0.0245 – 0.049mm / year and its drainage basin sediment yield classification is class 3. A 100 years sediment generation estimate for Tagwai reservoir drainage basin at 0.0245 mm and 0.049 mm is 269.5 m3 and 539 m3respectively.

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