Elite Israeli Prime Minister and the Peace Process, the Arab – Israeli
Saqer Al Jabali

The research aims to study and analyze the relationship between the elite and the Israeli prime minister, the peace process, the Arab - Israeli, because of the importance and relevance components of the elite social and economic self and its impact on the political behavior of its members. Showed by taking the relationship between the party affiliation of the members of the elite prime minister and embraced the peace process, the Arab - Israeli, The longest and shortest period stayed as prime ministers in Israel did not negotiate with Arab leaders are Ben Goren and Yigal Alon, respectively, they are from the Labour Party, and that 66.67% of the elite prime minister who signed the peace agreements; are from the Likud Party, and 33.33% are from the Labour Party. The study showed through the relationship between the characteristics (socio - economic) for the elite members of the prime minister and embraced the peace process, the Arab - Israeli, and increase the percentage of Iodide for the peace process to reach 100% between members of the elite prime minister who are in the fourth decade. The proportion of opposition to the peace process up to 100% of the elite members of prime minister who are in the eighth decade. The proportion of prime ministers who have generators inside Israel have reached an agreement with the Arab leaders; ; Which reached 100% among those who were born in the cities in Israel, while this drops to 75% between the prime ministers who negotiated with without agreement from when they are born in the countryside. And has held two prime ministers were Yitzhak Rabin and Netanyahu, who were born in Israel as prime minister for two non-consecutive terms, while he held ten prime ministers of Israel of Jewish immigrants from Poland and Ukraine only between 1906-1942 out of thirteen prime minister. The study showed that the prime ministers Israelis who have signed agreements with the Arab leaders have received their university education from universities outside of Israel, and this refers to the role of American and British universities and Polish in creating a culture of coexistence. The study showed that 66.67% of the elite prime minister who Touselo an agreement with the Arab leaders are exercised civilian careers, and that 33.33% of them had practiced as a military character. The percentage of government institutions to recruit 69.23% as a source to recruit for the position of prime minister, while the rate of recruitment of civil institutions to 30.77% for the post of prime minister. He notes that the rotation of the elite has been prime minister for legal reasons by 76.8% wa at the expiration of the mandate of the Prime Minister; Or resign voluntarily or in the wake of the formation of a commission of inquiry, elite turnover may occur for reasons to involuntarily rose by 23.2%, notably due to the death of a heart attack or disease (and other Sharon injection) or a political assassination as happened to Yitzhak Rabin.

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