E-Government Benchmarking in Brazil: Indicators of E-Gov in the Greater ABC Region
JarbasThaunahy Santos de Almeida, Sidney Jard da Silva

The use of information technology in public administration has several functions. The best known and that broadcast internationally consists of the possibilities of its use as a vehicle for providing online services and disseminating a variety of information about the activities of the public sector through government portals. In Brazil, the concept of "electronic government", "e-gov", or "e-government" is already widely known and is associated with the provision of services to citizens by the Internet. However, we see a gap between the optimistic literature on this subject and the empirical data on the degree of development of municipal electronic government. The present study examines the academic research on e-gov and the composition of the so-called Index (Paulista) Quality of Municipal Web Sites (IGQWM). We also performed a case study on the indicators of e-government in the Greater ABC Region, aimed at identifying the existence of technical conditions for a better positioning of this metropolitan region in the IGQWM.

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