Fatness Beef Cattle Purchase Transactions Study in a Abattoir Firm in the Rio Grande Do Sul State
Fabiano Nunes Vaz, Leonir Luiz Pascoal, Paulo Santana Pacheco, Ricardo Zambarda Vaz, Fabiano Vargas de Vargas, Diogo Carvalho Soccal, Greicy Sofia Maysonnave

The objective of this study is to describe the frequency of the process of buying fat cattle at a meat packing company the state of Rio Grande do Sul state at 2012 year. Was studied the purchase of 121,960 animals, divided into 3,720 lots, involving bulls and females for slaughter. Analyzing the marking periods that occur the purchase of animals was evident biggest difference in the time between the purchase and shipment of animals occur in October/November period (difference of 7.02 days) and the smallest difference occur in February/March (difference of 4.51 days). Other period of difficulty purchases, represented by days from purchase to boarding to slaughter, were December/January (5.28 days) and April/May (5.54 days) periods. It concludes with the work that there are clear changes in beef cattle trading conditions in response to supply and demand laws of this commodity.

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