Vol. 4, No. 10; October 2014

Table of Contents
Elucidating the Effects of Two and Ten Minutes of Lower Body Positive Pressure on Blood Pressure and Heart Rate in College Age Adults 18-30 Years Old
Juan Gonzalez, Pamela Perez, Ana L. Moore, Ashley Eubanks
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The Fallacy Regarding Newton’s First Law: Its Non Axiomatic Nature
Luis E. Acevedo Gómez
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A ‘Halo’ Effect for Inference of Managerial Ability from Physical Appearance
Dwane H. Dean
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Air Rage: Gamification Techniques for Managing Passenger Behavior
Dr. Leon James
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Empowering Students in Africa for Social Activism through Action Research
Dainess Maganda
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Core Values as Opinion Mediators of Same Sex Relationships
James Krueger
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Impact of Credit Risk Exposure on the Market Value of Nigerian Banks (2006–2012)
Adebawo, Olutokunbo Owolabi, Enyi, Patrick Enyi
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Social Studies Teachers’ Perceptions on Teaching Contemporary Controversial Issues
Dr. Taghreed Abu-Hamdan, Dr. Fakhri Khader
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The Transformation of “African Mentality” as Fundamental to the Development of African Societies
Okpalike, Chika J. B. Gabriel
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Impact of Self -Concept on Turnover Intention: An Empirical Study
Dr. Deepanjana Varshney
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Helpfulness and Benefits of Using SMIDEC Assistance Programs on Small and Medium Enterprises in Malaysia
Jasmani Binti Mohd Yunus, Abdul Jumaat Bin Mahajar
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Towards a Digital World: Using Social Networks to Promote Learner’s Language
Dr. Ibrahim Mohamed Alfaki, Dr. Khalid Alharth
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Chinese Dream and Chinese-Style of Fashion Design
Shi Yajuan
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Impact of Target Deposit Mobilization on Unethical Issues and Employee’ Dissatisfaction in Nigerian Banking Sector
Adamu Garba Alooma, Sunday Atadiose
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