Brazilian Direct Investment in South America: Evolution and Sectoral Analysis
Giuliana Aparecida SantiniPigatto, GessuirPigatto, Renato Dias Baptista

This paper aims to analyse the evolution of the Brazilian direct investments (BDI) in the region of South America (2001-2013). In specific way, it also seeks to evaluate the historical data of the BDIs in region’s countries and sectors. The research was based on a qualitative approach, using literature on the area of internationalization of South American companies and data survey and analysis of the flows of Brazilian direct investments towards other South American countries. The analysis also shows that investments in the region are not homogeneous, in terms of countries, and recipient sectors. There are concentrated investments in the Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Chile and Venezuela countries for the analysed period. This study brings an important contribution that is to show Brazil's growth in performing productive investments in the international market, in the XXI century and the importance that the countries of South America have in this process.

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