Electronic Medical Record: Exploring Benefits and Barriers Perceived by Mental Health Providers
Yaritza M. López-Robledo, Diana M. López-Robledo, Vanessa Torres-García, Michelle Santiago-Medina

Previous studies of Electronic Health Records (EHR) have not clearly contemplated the perspective of mental health care professionals, particularly Latino Psychologists. A research was performed in order to study the use of an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) in a Mental Health Clinic Facility in Puerto Rico. This exploratory case study addressed the following objectives: (a) identify possible benefits and barriers during and after the implementation of an EMR in a Mental Health Clinic, and (b) offer recommendations to ensure more benefits and higher expansion of the system. A semi-structured questionnaire was administrated to the clinical personnel (n=18). Some of the benefits identified are that the system: facilitates, speeds and simplifies the registration of general information, improves the quality of data entry, and keeps records organized. Some barriers identified included: limited permission to modify records and equipment capabilities and performance. In conclusion, there were more benefits than barriers identified.

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