Empresarios Migrantes Michoacanos En Estados Unidos: El Caso Huandacareo Michoacán Migrant Entrepreneurs in the USA: The Case of Huandacareo
Eduardo Fernández Guzmán, Perla Shiomara del Carpio Ovando

It may be assumed that, by definition, a migrant works in less profitable niches and has limited social mobility. However, a group of migrants originating from different economically developed countries have successfully started businesses of a diverse nature and size. For this reason, the entrepreneurial spirit of migrants is a subject that has deserved growing attention in recent years. Compared to other immigrant groups in the United States, Mexicans show low levels of entrepreneurial activity. However, as this case study in Michoacán shows, the trend of the migrant entrepreneur is stronger every day. The objective of this study is to understand, using different analysis frameworks, the life trajectory of these Michoacán entrepreneurs in diverse parts of the vast expanse of the United States of America.

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