An Empirical Study of the Impact of Non-Store Retailing on Consumers’ Satisfaction in Calabar Metropolis, Nigeria
Mrs. Glory Basil, Mr. Ezekiel Maurice Sunday, Mr. Joseph Anyadighibe, Mr. Johnson Edward

This study primarily investigated the causal relationship between four non-store retailing modes – internet retailing, telephone retailing, vending and direct selling – and consumers’ satisfaction in Calabar Metropolis. The research hypotheses were tested using data from 167 consumers surveyed. Analyses of the data so obtained revealed a significant causal relationship existing between the four non-store retailing modes and consumers’ satisfaction in Calabar Metropolis. Results also revealed that: consumers’ in Calabar Metropolis were most satisfied with direct selling; consumers in Calabar Metropolis perceived internet shopping to be most risky. The following recommendations, among others, were made based on the findings of the study: advertisement should direct customers’ to safe payment methods in internet shopping; that government should do more to combat cybercrime; and a comparative study should be carried out to ascertain the difference between consumers’ satisfaction with non-store retailing modes and store-based retailing modes.

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