Lynn Mbuko and the Criticism of Early Marriage in there is Time for Everything
Dr. Busari Lasisi

Polygamy as an institution is as old as the society in which we live. For a long time, as tradition and religion demand in certain African countries precisely in Northern Nigeria, a man is free to have under his roof more than one wife. In this part of the country, this heavy tradition is weighing on young girls. This tradition forces women into early marriage. They don't need to be educated according to custom, because the only place of the woman in the society is beside her husband or in other word, in her matrimonial home. This old tradition has become a source of concern nowadays. This inferior position accorded to the African woman has caused her a lot of problems among which is early marriage of young girls. That is what Lynn Mbuko sorted to explain in her new book titled There is time for everything. We would be looking at early marriage and its consequences on young girls, and at the end, we would try to draw some lessons from the play. The objective of this research is to find out to what extent early marriage has affected the development the girl-child in particular and the society in general. Early marriage serves as our main focus in this research. Uneducated parents, girl-child and the society are used as data to arrive at our findings. A sociological approach has been used. The findings of the research show that the girl-child is mostly affected by this old tradition in the society. Our findings also equally have implications for guidance and counseling at home and in the society not only in Nigeria but also in other countries of the world.

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