The Electiveness of the Design Pattern of the Educational Blog in Enhancing Sixth Graders’ Reading Comprehension Skills
Abdullah Saleh Abdulaziz Al-Sagaby, Dr. Alhasan Yahya Alsaadi Allamankhrah

The study aims at identifying the effectiveness of the design pattern of educational blogs (micro/detailed) in enhancing the different levels of reading comprehension skills (literal, inferential, critical, creative, and appreciative) among sixth graders. In order to achieve the objectives of the study, the quasi-empirical approach has been used. The study was applied to a sample consisting of 30 sixth graders in Dammam. The pupils were randomly divided into two experimental groups, each including 15 pupils. The researcher has designed a twopattern educational blog (micro and detailed) so as to apply the experiment to the research sample. Research tools included the following:
1- List of Reading Comprehension Skills
2- Reading Comprehension Test
The study concluded that the educational blog of both patterns has a positive effect on developing reading comprehension skills. The study also showed that there are no differences of statistical significance at Level 0.05 between the mean scores of the first group (micro pattern) and the mean scores of second group (detailed pattern) in respect of all reading comprehension skills.

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