Teachers’ Experiences Relative to Successful Questioning and Discussion Techniques
Yvette Powell Robitaille, Nancy Maldonado

Questioning and discussion techniques are effective instructional methods, but there is often inconsistent implementation of these instructional methods. This case study explored teachers and evaluators’ perceptions regarding exemplary questioning and discussion techniques. Participants included 9 teachers who earned exemplary marks on their evaluations for questioning and discussion techniques and 3 evaluators who awarded exemplary marks. Data included interviews with teachers and evaluators as well as documents. Analysis was inductive using constant comparison to identify themes. Findings of the larger study indicated teachers identified how education and experiences promoted successful techniques; how they created an environment of respect; how they engaged in collegial interactions; how they identified approaches for questioning; and how they discussed techniques used for development of students. Findings about how teachers’ education and experiences promoted successful discussion techniques will be discussed. Recommendations include designing professional development opportunities for teachers to improve questioning and discussion techniques.

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